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King of nothing (or KON)


is a rap artist from Houston,Texas. KON's biggest influences and are early Outkast, the Pharcyde, 2Pac, and A Tribe Called Quest.



Hamond is an R&B/Electronic artist and producer from Houston, Texas. With influences on production from artists and producers like Kanye West, Timbaland, and Quincy Jones and vocal influences from early 2000s R&B, Hamond aims to pioneer a new sound by combining hard-hitting production with Pop/R&B vocals. Old Houston screw music and classic R&B provide a basis for the new sound he creates, using vocal samples that range from Z-Ro to Bell Biv DeVoe. At the same time, an electronic edge is present, making use of distorted synths and house chords. Hamond now resides in Texas, splitting time between the cities of Houston and Austin.


STATE is a rap artist out of Houston, Texas.